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wifi connection

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I have a problem with the wifi connection to my mobile phone. 

I cannot connect with it. If I will enter the code or password of the wifi it will connect. What should I'm going to do? Please help me.

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restart the phone and the router used for the Wifi connection


if the problem persists contact the Swisscom Hotline

Select your request and contact Swisscom by hotline, chat or text message

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I lost my internet-Box pass word 

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Router password, Swisscom login, WLAN data: How to log on

Router password

To manage your Internet-Box settings, go to the web portal by entering or http://internetbox.home in your browser. Please note that you can only access the web portal when your home network is connected to your Internet-Box. The user name is “admin”. If you forget your router password, you can reset it in the My Swisscom Customer Center. Click on your Internet subscription > “WLAN & Router” > open the “Router” section at the very bottom. Reset your password under “Router password”. Change now

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