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mobile data is not working from last weekend

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I have a company simcard with out any limitation on mobile data in Switzerland but from last weekend, I can not use mobile data in my cell phone and only by WIFI , I can connect to the internet.

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Hi there,

in most cases, Companies have special contracts with the service providers. Have you already asked your responsible staff member about this case?


To check if the problem is on the sim-card or on the phone, can you eject it and plug it into another phone?



Freundliche Grüsse, Dominik
Cordial salids, Dominik
Cordialement, Dominik
Cordiali saluti, Dominik

Hat's geholfen? Duume drücke. War's die Lösung? Häckli drücke.
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Hello @Chafeidid14


Does the @DomiP answer help you ?


Are you still encountering the problem ?


Thank you for your feedback.

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