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The latest protection from advertising calls

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Dear Community,


Since 2016, the free Callfilter has protected around one million customers from unsolicited calls from suspicious call centres. With the changes to the Telecommunications Act that come into force on 1 July 2021, Swisscom is extending the free protection it offers against unsolicited advertising calls.


Until now, the Callfilter function "Manually blocked/unblocked numbers" was only possible with a fixed network connection. Mobile customers can now create an individual list of block numbers, allowing them to decide for themselves which numbers to block, so they only receive the calls they want. It is easy to set up and manage the list in the call settings in the Swisscom Cockpit.


From 1 July 2021, prepaid customers will now also be able to activate the Callfilter and benefit from this call protection.


Have you already activated the Callfilter on your mobile and fixed-line telephone? Share your experiences with the Community. We look forward to your comments!


Best regards,


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This is such great news! We had been plagued by repeated calls out of India. Once we tried to prank them by answering the phone with “Kantonspolizei”, but they also could speak a little German.

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