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Terrible photos via sms and whatsapp with Huawei Mate 20 Pro

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So I just got the new Huawei Mate 20 Pro last Friday. All fast and fantastic, until I started taking photos via WhatsApp or Signal/Text Messaging (MMS) ..

I mean, the quality is just... Terrible. Pixelized, unsharp bad colors... 

Compared the MMS and Whatsapp via IPhone 7, Samsung S8+ and Huawei M20 pro... And am ready to return the latest.


Anyone else having this issue?  signal-2018-11-04-114425.jpgHuawei Mate 20 Pro


signal-2018-11-04-114353.jpgIPhone 7 plus


signal-2018-11-04-114708.jpgHuawei Mate 20 pro


signal-2018-11-04-114631.jpgIPhone 7 Plus


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Do you really ask this question or is that a joke ?

MMS has a poor resolution and what's app compresses the picture.

You should transfer the pictures on a computer and than judge. 

AFAIK this phone has one of the best camera available. 

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I really ask this question and it is not a joke... At all!

When comparing same subject of photo and sending over MMS with Samsung S8+ /iPhone 7/ Mate 20 Plus, Huawei is definetely the worst resolution.

I mean, I had a friend of mine laughing at my photo as I was bragging about my phone... 


And it is not a joke no... Even Huawei already acknowledge there is an issue. 


Stay good. 

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ok 🙂

Sorry I don't have a solution. Perrsonally I haven't sent MMS since years.

I guess that your question would be better asked directly in a Huawei Support forum.