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SMS messages diverted to wrong phone

Novice JTP
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Recently text messages addressed to me sometimes come to me, but sometimes also go to my wife's phone, and vice versa.  Has anyone else encountered this or a similar problem?


My wife and I both have our mobile phones on my Swisscom business account (iPhone SE and iPhone 6).  


We asked Swisscom in Morges for help, but they said they weren't technically competent to help.  We've tried shutting down and rebooting both phones, but the problem remains.  My suspician is that it is somehow due to the new Wifi-Calling application that Swisscom is offering, but no one seems to know much about this application.

I posted this in another forum, and as I've not heard from anyone, I'm trying it here.
Since I reported this I had the same problem while my wife and I were traveling outside Switzerland, in a non-wifi area, so I've concluded that the problem is not WifiCalling, but some sort of admin mistake by Swisscom.  Can someone help us fix this problem?
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I just saw that  you both are using iphones.  Well if you 2 are using the same AppeID then it's clearly the reason.

Are the messages blue or green? (blue means iMessage and green SMS). Text from iMessage are automatically replicated to every device whith imessage on.

So atm i see 2 solutions:

1. Deactivate iMessage on both or only 1 device (under Settings > Messages  -> iMessage)


2. Create a new AppleID Account for you or your wife.