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Occasional SMS messages from Swisscom asking for login / device verification

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Dear Community,


since about a week I am getting (at irregular intervals, every 2nd day or so, once or up to three times a day, also at night when I am not using the phone) SMS messages from Swisscom on my iPhone, like


"Der SMS Code lautet {a numerical code} oder direkt via folgendem Link anmelden:{another code}"


Often, when pressing on such a (older) link then I get the message that "Der aufgerufene Link ist abgelaufen", but on a fresh messages and related links the Swisscom Cockpit was then launched in the browser  ....


This is really strange and a new effect ...  When these message arrive the Cockpit is not active in the browser and the Cockpit app (almost the same as the browser) is also not running on the phone at the time ... So why should I get SMS codes and/or device verification links at such times ??


Does anybody know or have an idea why this is happening ?


Thanks a lot

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the only reason I would see is 2 factor authentication to access the swisscom customer center (and other services).

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Thanks. The messages have stopped now.  I did not get any additional ones in the last 4 days and I did not change any settings, etc.-- No, I do not use tfa for this purpose, so it is really hard to understand why this happened. I had an active data roaming package during that time, so maybe that was part of the reason, although that should not lead to autonomous cockpit logins, especially during night time when phone is not used … Strange! But I don't think that anybody has ever said that software and communication systems will all the time and under all circumstances act 'rationally' ... 🙂



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