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Mobile internet speed

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After trying to find an email adress to share my experience with your company i couldnt find any(costumer center, support or anything else), the only thing ive found was a contact form that dont even work. Anyway here is what ive writen in that contact form.


Thank you for the gift message

"Chère cliente, cher client

Nous avons de bonnes nouvelles pour vous! Cette année, les cadeaux, c'est nous: Dès à présent, votre vitesse de download mobile maximale est 2 fois plus rapide qu'avant. Vous surfez donc désormais à 100 Mbit/s. Sans couts additionnels!


But my internet speed is the same and it is actually a really bad service from your side. Check the screenshot in the link bellow  for the real performance tests. Thanks for your time.


Speedtest Lausanne