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Data packet activation "waiting"

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I purchased yesterday a new 30-day, 1.5GB data package through the Swisscom Cockpit after my previous one expired. The purchase went through, and my account was charged the 19.90 CHF. However, after almost 24 hours it still says that the status is "waiting" and I have no internet on the phone. How can I activate the new package?

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I have the same problem, two months in a row now. The first time, I tried all the usual, turning phone off and on again, airplane mode, taking out sim card, network data reset, even forcing it to reconnect to another network, which of course failed, but I think the latter might have helped. This time nothing works. Can anyone help?

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Sorry I meant two times in a row, not months.

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Hello @hawk4 @justbefree


Please send me your full details and the concern number by private message, I will take a closer look at this.





Un like fait toujours plaisir 😉 Une réponse t'a aidé? -> Accepte-la comme solution!
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In order to know the mobile network which is having the issue that will be getting from the experts for the perfection so windows 10 sound crackling will show how it is going to work when the network is not able to connect your handset than just follow the steps form it.