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Costs abroad eventhough I did not pick up the call

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While abroad, I switched of the roamaing function and also the mobile data of my iphone. Nevertheless, I still got phone calls through my combox (without seen it because the phone was not ringing, nor messages was left). Anyway, because I never received/got the calls, the calls went diverted to my combox. Result: addtional costs, as Swisscom charged each time someone (or even telemarketing) did call my phone number. Anyone had this experience? Is anything I can do to prove Swisscom is acting incorrectly icharging us for such cost? I can't find any information on that, nothing mentioning the importance of blocking your combox if abroad to avoid additonal, unexpected costs.

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Hello @Gaustullu47


Sorry you got unexpected fees while abroad.


We generally recommend to disable Combox to avoid unwanted fees:


For travels throughout the European Union, please note that inOne subscriptions include unlimited calls and Combox.


Don't hesitate to contact us for any question regarding roaming before your next travel.

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Hey @LeylaG 

but how is it possible that @Gaustullu47 gets charged for not answered calls? I mean, if he answer the call it is okay when you charge him per Minute, but he hadn't...

And in addition to this - since when do Combox-Messages costs? Since inOne they are inside the Package for free, right?




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Hey @DomiP


Calls on the Combox are actually charged in the same way as a regular call.


When you receive a call abroad, it is routed a first time in the country of stay. If the Combox is switched on and you do not answer, the call is sent back to our central in Switzerland.

This generates an incoming and outgoing call for you in the country in which you are located. This is the roaming concept that applies to all carriers.


For this reason, it is actually advisable to disable the deviation to the Combox when you reside in a country not included in your bundle.




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