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Contract cancellation penalty waiver

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Hello community


I got a great offer from my employer for another provider where I save almost 40% for the same services I have from Swisscom (mobilie, internet and TV) and I asked Swisscom for the cancellation conditions. 

Swisscom informed me that they prolongued my mobile contract for 24 months and now wants to charge me in full for earlier cancellation - over 1500 CHF. 

Does anybody know what reason - other than customer limitation, intimation and profit optimisation this is based on and if there is a way around it?

There are no reductions on phones, there is no other benefit visible like a router, computer or similar that is handed over, but I get tied to Swisscom. This is unfair, unheard of and really upsetting. 

I a ready to get a legal involved if Swisscom is not giving in, but maybe somebody amongst you has some valuable advice.


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Hi there,


As soon as you sign the contract for the mobile subscription, you agree that the subscription is booked for a certain minimum term (usually 12 or 24 months). This minimum term is binding and may be extended when you purchase a device in the Swisscom Shop together with the subscription.


Exceptions to this are listed in the contract clause ( ; see point 6). If none of the exceptions apply, you are obliged to pay the monthly subscription fees (e.g. 60.- / month) until the end of the minimum contract period (approx. 18 months). So "subscription fee" X "months remaining" = "penalty fee".


As for the offers: clearly Swisscom does not offer expensive devices as gifts; however, I must honestly say that the offers from sunrise, for example, are very bad. More expensive subscriptions; poor customer service and also very poor network coverage.

Gruess, Cordial salids, Cordialement, Cordiali saluti

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Thanks, so I will need to escalate that. There is no reason for a 24 month contract. 

I changed from Sunrise to Swisscom, but the Swisscom quality of the router and the support was lousy, the mobile support was a desaster - took me weeks to get cloud reactivated and they failed to allow me to make a hotspot for about 18 months! And never an word of apology. When complaining about the router they told me that I would only get the new router for additonal 100 CHF.  When I complaind to Swisscom and threatened to cancel the contract they didnt give a damn.....  I am really just fed up with that company and just want to leave. 

In terms of rate: I can save 40% with a change, so the rate advantage you describe is not applying to me. Sunrise customer support was lightyears ahead of my Swisscom experience and Sunrise takes client retention serious. 

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You can try it. But you signed the Contract for 12 or 24 Months... But you can try it. Contact Swisscom at .


I think you'll have to pay the Penalties until the Contract is Ended.

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