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Attention: Phishing-SMS are circulating

Community Manager
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Dear community


Currently there are phishing-SMS in circulation, in which the perpetrator pose as Swisscom.

Please be careful. We recommend to go through these points to detect phishing-SMS more easily:

  • Check the contact details of the sender
  • Check the spelling (current example “Swissscom” with 3 “s”)
  • Check the URL (current example with 2 “i”)
  • If in doubt, you can also use this website to check if the link already got blocked 
  • You can also always check and compare your current bills via MySwisscom App or the customer center 

We are currently aware of two phishing-messages in French:















In the Swisscom Magazine you can find more information about phishing and how to detect it (not english).


Do you have any other tips to share with the community how to identify a phishing attack?

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