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5G and 5G+ frequencies

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I would like to know if possible the 5G NR Frequencies (from these)  for the 5G and 5G+ networks,


If I'm correct the 5G+ network uses the n78 band, but I would like to know for the 5G (wide) network which has 90% coverage as Swisscom says.



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Swisscom 5G Wide or 5G Fast?
As far as I know, it seems that depending on whether it is rather transparent or white, it indicates that the smartphone is rather connected to 5G Wide or 5G Fast, which obviously changes the reaction time as well. than the download speed ...

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When at full 5G, you are connected to a 5G antenna, whether it is "wide" so NR Band1 for example (2100 Mhz)

or 5G fast NR Band 78 (3600 Mhz)


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