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Terms of use

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The terms and conditions of use describe the Swisscom Community and set out rules of conduct for the customers – help – customers forum. Moderation duties and linkage with the Swisscom Login are also explained.


1) Terms of use

By using this website, you express your agreement with the terms of use. We reserve the right to modify these terms of use at any time, and you should therefore check this page regularly for any changes. Additional conditions may apply if you make purchases via our website, make use of specific functions or participate in competitions.

The Swisscom Community Services are based on services and systems provided from abroad by the company Khoros AG. If you use the Swisscom Community, the currently applicable version of the Privacy Policy of Khoros is deemed to have been accepted.


2) What the Swisscom Community does

Customers help customers – by taking part in the Swisscom Community, you, our customers, can exchange views and ideas about Swisscom products and services. Discussions can be of a technical nature, with customers helping each other to answer questions and solve problems related to the use of Swisscom products. The Community also provides a platform for sharing experiences about Swisscom products and services. The opinions and contents of the platform reflect the views, suggestions and ideas of Swisscom customers.


3) Customers among themselves

The Swisscom Community is first and foremost a place for our customers and any other interested parties. Swisscom employees are also free to take part in discussions. In doing so, they must however (a) be transparent about their relationship with Swisscom as their employer, (b) clearly explain that they are expressing their opinions in the Community as an individual and not as a representative of Swisscom and (c) leave it up to the moderators to issue official announcements and messages. The Swisscom Community is not a platform for sending questions and expressing concerns to Swisscom. Direct contact can be made with Swisscom via the options given on the contact page.


4) Passive moderation of the Community

Swisscom itself only moderates the Community passively; it generally does not take part in discussions. The Community moderators are mainly there to ensure that users comply with the rules (as per the terms of use) and to encourage pleasant discussions appropriate to Swisscom.  In the event of (repeated) violations of the rules, the moderators will send a warning to the relevant user and may exclude the latter from the Swisscom Community either temporarily or permanently, depending on the offence.


5) The Swisscom login

In order to make active use of the Swisscom Community (discuss, comment and like functions), users must identify themselves using the Swisscom login. Please use the same Swisscom login as for your Swisscom services so that Swisscom can make the connection between your activities in the Swisscom Community and you as a person. Other customers can only see the profile information you have entered in the Community (a self-defined user name at the very least). By linking up with its customer data, Swisscom can contact you to find out more details about the problem you have described in the forum, for example.


6) Community rules

  1. Swisscom makes the Community platform available in order to establish dialogue between customers. The opinions expressed are those of the individual participants and not those of Swisscom. The following contents are prohibited:

    • Illegal or undesirable contents of any kind, i.e. defamatory, slanderous, racist, discriminatory, homophobic, sexist, pornographic, vulgar, insulting, extremist, threatening, hateful or abusive content, content that glorifies violence or that is harmful in any other way.
    • Posts that infringe the rights of third parties.
    • Posts that have little or no relation to the published topic or the aim of "customers help customers", or that are of a promotional nature, either fully or in part.
    • Contents or files that restrict the smooth running of the Community platform or that contain harmful viruses or similar programmes.

  2. Swisscom reserves the right not to publish or to only partly publish posts without consulting the author, or to remove posts fully or in part if they are judged inadmissible by the moderators. In the event of violations, the author may also face legal action taken either by the persons concerned or by the state.

  3. The username of the author will be published for each post. The public profile of the user can be seen by clicking on the relevant username.

  4. Consulting a topic or post is anonymous. Figures are shown in the topic overview (the number of times a post has been consulted).

  5. Each user has a public profile that shows their username at all times (at the very least). During the registration process or at a later stage, the user can add further details under "My settings".

  6. Registered users of the forum can exchange messages (like e-mails) with one another. Please refer to paragraph a) regarding responsibility for the contents of these messages and misuse.

  7. Swisscom reserves the right

    • to contact users in exceptional cases (and in particular to obtain further details if errors or faults are reported in relation to Swisscom products),
    • to evaluate the use of the Community on an anonymous basis for statistical purposes,
    • to modify these terms of use at any time.

  8. You can find the privacy statement

  9. We ask all forum participants to notify the moderators of any breaches of these rules via the function "Report Inappropriate Content".
Ich moderiere das Kunden–Helfen–Kunden Forum, ein digitaler Begegnungsraum zu Themen rund um Swisscom Produkte.
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