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Our Super Users: How to earn Community privileges

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We appoint Super User status to anyone who is particularly active within the Swisscom Community and helps other users resolve their issues with tips and useful advice. On this page, you will learn more about the special rights of Super Users and what you need to do to become one.


Super User status confers a host of privileges:


#SuperPowers: Receive special rights

Super Users are given special rights to allow them to moderate the Community.


#MyCommunity: Helping to shape the community

The opinion of our Super Users is particularly important to us: What is going well in the Community and where is there still room for improvement? Super Users help to shape our community. 


#SuperUserEvents: Participate in meetings

We regularly bring together our super users and specialists from Swisscom for one-off meetings on exciting topics.


#CoCreation: Contribute to product development

Super Users are given the opportunity to test and improve products and services in collaboration with product managers. This also provides them with advance information on new products and services.


#VIPUserLounge: Access to the exclusive board

The Super User Lounge provides a space for Super Users, Community managers and specialists from Swisscom to have informal discussions.



Interested in becoming a Super User?

An invitation to become a Super User is extended to anyone who shows a long-term extraordinary and of course friendly commitment to the Community, and who helps many users to resolve their problems. There are therefore no specific criteria, such as a certain level, that a user has to meet.


We review Super Users and potential candidates on a regular basis. So show commitment and become one of our Community Super Users!


Best regards,


Your Swisscom Team

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