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Name generator with bad word filter: the future of user names for the Swisscom Community

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Welcome Ludeuppi93! When you log into the Swisscom Community in the future, you will now automatically be allocated a display name by the Community algorithm. An integrated bad word filter ensures that your name will not include any offensive terms.


Geuschippau37, Wiockawas88, Niontefriog59, Rommonnaut79…. To cater to users from all language regions and avoid everyone being called ‘User1234567’, we have opted for a name generator. We will assign the automatically generated display name to your Swisscom login. Not only does this simplify registration, it also provides protection for you: your randomly allocated pseudonym means you can access the Community, leave comments and give likes anonymously. You can, however, change your assigned name at any time to a user name of your choice and add extra personality to your profile – which will delight the rest of the Community.


What do the names mean?

The randomly generated names sound like words in a traditional dialect, names of dinosaurs or exotic locations, but there is no precise meaning behind them: They are, in fact, arbitrary combinations of letters, alternating vowels and consonants, and combinations of the two; for example, ‘ff’, ‘ei’, ‘au’ or ‘th’, and ending in a two-digit number. More than 40 billion different names can be generated in this way, so we have more than enough display names for new Community users! 🙂


The bad word filter

Sometimes, such random combinations of letters will produce inappropriate names. Although some people might find names such as Sexyeiz19, Dummima40 or Kiessasseid57 amusing, it may be off-putting to be assigned such a name at registration. To avoid assigning potentially offensive names, we have created a bad word filter. This filter compares the generated names with a list of ‘banned’ letter combinations and words that we compiled during a brainstorming session. As a result, names such as Vussisass50, Leliopuss43, Dilduyotz97 and Fackoprast82 and would be rejected automatically. Can you identify the words we added to the blacklist in these names? 😉


Do you like your randomly generated display name? And what is the funniest name you have come across so far? We look forward to your comments!


Kind regards


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> An integrated bad word filter ensures that your name will not include any offensive terms


Finally, thank you for giving explanations to these strange nicknames 😀

Problem: the same client or requester is sometimes assigned different nicknames, for obscure reasons, which creates confusion or misunderstandings in the discussions, no longer knowing who is answering what, and also to close a subject with the initiator

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Hello @Black Mamba


Thank you for your feedback.


@IvanH Do you have any input there? Thank you.

Un like fait toujours plaisir 😉 Une réponse t'a aidé? -> Accepte-la comme solution!
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Hello @LeylaG @Black Mamba 

Thank you for your input. 🙂

It's a known issue with users who have different Swisscom Logins.

They don't always use the same Swisscom Login to log in. That's why they have different usernames showing up in the community. 


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