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Give feedback and improve the Swisscom community with us

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Dear User


We want to continuously develop and improve the Swisscom community. No voice is more important than that of the user.


That's why we ask you: What do you like most in the community today and what you don't? Which functions or areas are still missing today?


Write us your opinion by comment. This is how you help us to make the Swisscom community better.




Business Owner | Communications Manager Swisscom
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I'd like to share this experience that might feed you with ideas on what customers need: a stable good service.


In regards to this issue, I have made an email to Swisscom management hoping that they help me in putting more energy in the problem I have. This is the email I wrote:
15/11/2020 10:46
Dear Swisscom management,
Hope you are doing well even within the COVID situation.
I am a Swisscom internet customer and I've been having an unstable internet connection for the last 2 months. I work at Roche and have permanently videoconferences and every 15 mins I get disconnected from those VCs. 
Your support team doesn't seem to understand how serious this problem is (every time I call I have to explain again from scratch...for the last 2 months...) and every person that comes does something, leaves and then I have to start again the support request, instead of having someone that follows up my issue.
Tomorrow I will contact the Roche lead for this type of situations that manages the Swisscom relationship to share the issue that I have and to see if there is a systemic problem and thus if they can recommend an alternative service provider for the employees so they don't end up having the same loss of time that I've been experiencing.
The reason why I contact you is because I am done with navigating the customer support of Swisscom after 2 months.
Hope you understand the nature of this email and help me with putting more energy within your Customer Support Service in solving this issue.
Best regards,
Black Mamba
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an example of possible and practical future improvement


it would be interesting to be able to have a search result

in the various linguistic community DE IT EN FR

without having to change the language this in particular for technical subjects

where the key terms used are equivalent whatever the language

moreover it would allow a better exchange between linguistic community

and a better exchange of possible solutions

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@JoelV an Improovement of the Page-Design (more like MyCloud and the KuCe) would be great and Mobile Browser Notifications instead of E-Mails would be great too!



Gruess, Cordial salids, Cordialement, Cordiali Saluti, Cheers!

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Hello everyone


@Marcelo11  Thank you for the mail you wrote to the management. I'm really sorry to read about your negative customer experience and would like to check your case and get in touch with you by private message.

@DomiP @Black Mamba Thank you very much for your feedback regarding the improvement of our community. It is much appreciated by us.

Best regards

Business Owner | Communications Manager Swisscom
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