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Getting started in the Community: What you need to know

Level 1
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Welcome to the Swisscom Community, the customers – help – customers forum. Use this digital forum to communicate with other users on topics related to Swisscom.


Who is who

Meet the various role holders in the community.


Become an expert – and a community hero!

Knowledge Base

Dip into the community’s Knowledge Base.



Who is Who

The community is primarily a forum for users to communicate with each other. Various roles are defined to ensure that the community is lively but well organised. Meet the community role holders here.



They create the framework for the community and read the posts. They keep the forum orderly and well-organised. They ensure that the terms and conditions of use are observed and help to create a pleasant discussion culture. If things start to get out of hand, they intervene in discussions. They also draw Swisscom’s attention to customers’ issues and represent users in the company.


Community managers

They work in the background and are responsible for the community experience. They look after the platform and are responsible for its development.


Super users

We call our most active community members Super Users. We fully appreciate their exceptional commitment to the community. How to earn Super User privileges.


Community members

The forum attracts an average of 260,000 visitors every month. Our registered members are the people who keep discussions going. Check the rankings to see how active community members are. The longer you’re part of the community and the more often you interact with other users, the higher your rank will be.


Swisscom employees

The community is primarily a forum for users to communicate with one another. Swisscom specialists occasionally make contributions to discussions. Their input is voluntary and they are not obliged to answer questions.




From now on, the Swisscom community has a new reward system. It replaces the existing one, which linked ranks and badges in a non-transparent way. Finally something simple. 🙂

Badge_Examples.pngWhat's new?

As a Swisscom Community User, you have been newly divided into a level. In addition, you will also receive special badges for special services.


How do I get to the next level?
If you perform within the points below, we will reward you with promotion to the next level.

  • New topics created
  • Posts written
  • Solutions written
  • Likes received
  • Likes given

In your profile page, you can see what you still need to perform to advance to the next level.


If you have any questions or ambiguities, please feel free to contact us:



Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is a collection of articles summarising a range of interesting discussions. The articles are created in collaboration with Community users. Permissions to work on the Knowledge Base are gradually assigned to users.

Discussions on a particular topic in a thread can sometimes run over several pages, often taking considerable time to browse through until you find exactly what you are looking for. Within the Knowledge Base, information is grouped together and formatted into bitesize articles, allowing Community knowledge to be accessed faster by the customer and solutions found more easily.

Each category has a separate Knowledge Base. The direct links are as follows:

The Knowledge Base continues to grow with new articles being added all the time. The Knowledge Base offers a collection of content from the Community.


Ich moderiere das Kunden–Helfen–Kunden Forum, ein digitaler Begegnungsraum zu Themen rund um Swisscom Produkte.
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