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Tiresome password chaos: How do you remember your passwords?

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Dear Community


Today is Black Friday! The perfect day for all bargain hunters. Before you plunge into the virtual turmoil, it's worth taking a look at the article in the Swisscom magazine:

> With these tips, you're sure to find the Black Friday bargain (article in german)


But even before you can complete your purchase, there is often a problem with the login. Everyone knows: you shouldn't always use the same password. But remembering or writing down various passwords is very tedious.

The password manager offers you the necessary security. Tips and recommendations (article in german) can be found in the Swisscom magazine.


Now it's up to the community experts: what do you recommend to those who write down their passwords or always use the same password?


We look forward to a lively exchange.

Best regards, IvanH

Business Owner | Communications Manager Swisscom
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