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Secure our printing ports

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Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7 (iMac & MacBooks)  

iOS 14.1 (iPhones & iPads)

Router: internet-Box Model SGA441SW - Firmware-Version: 10.04.40/10.04.68


Hello and Good Day


1. I want to secure our printing ports and limit our printer's wireless connections to our router, meaning configuring our network settings so that our printer only answers commands that come via specified ports on our network router. Can you please show me the path to how and help me understand why?

2. What is the protocol for secure printing via SSL port: 443? 

3. How to protect unused protocols that can allow cybercriminals to remotely access our printer from outside the network?

4. and allow iOS Devices to AirPrint?

5. How does it protect us, to activate "IPv6 Firewall on Strict"?

6. Is there a way to find answers to this kind of questions, on the swisscom webside?


Can you please help me found accurate answers?

Thanks a lot and have a good Day! 🙂

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Black Mamba
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Think to change the Internet Box  Model SGA441SW - Internet Box Plus, old model

Internet-Box 3 - Residential customers or Centro Business 2 - Business customers

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thanks for sharing your opinion.

Can you please explain why/how your proposal is solving this "issue"?


Thanks a lot and have a good day. 

Black Mamba
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change the Internet Box, try and see 😁

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