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WLAN & router: Display and change name/password

WLAN & router: Display and change name/password



Do you have a new device which you would like to connect to the WLAN? Or perhaps a visitor has asked for your WLAN password? Let us show you how to manage your WLAN access data and how to log onto the Web portal.


Display and change WLAN access data

If you have forgotten your WLAN name or you want to check your WLAN password, log into My Swisscom using your Swisscom Login, where you can see all WLAN and router details and view your password. 

> To WLAN access data


Log into the Web portal using your router password

You can also manage your WLAN access data through the Web portal. Here you can set your WLAN power-on times, configure the parental control function or change your Internet Box settings. You will need your router password to log into the Web portal. Type or http://internetbox.home into your browser’s browser field (e.g. Chrome or Safari). The user name is “admin”. If you have forgotten your router password, you can reset it in My Swisscom. 

> Reset router password

Corporate customers need to follow the instructions for your business router portal.


Please note: You can only access the Web portal when your home network is connected to your Internet-Box. On the move, you can access and change the most important settings from your mobile phone through the Home app.


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Level 1

Habe Email-Konto, das ich nur mit Webmail benutzen will.  Früher ging das mühelos.  Jetzt muss ich mit Swisscom-ID einloggen.  Ich klick auf Email, und muss ein Konto einrichten?!  Reply to:   *E-Mail placeholder*

Level 1

In typical Swisscom fashion, Swisscom is silent about what to do if one cannot login in to the router (at or equivalent). There is absolutely no one to ask by any means known to mankind. Typical. Maybe I should send a runner with a message in a cleft stick. So what should I do? I suppose the router's web server is blocked for some reason, or maybe hacked. I imagine that the typical Swisscom answer would be "push the button to restart" (if I could by some magic get an answer) and I probably then have to make the necessary changes following yet another IP address change. 

Level 1

Hello @Griottigrio54


I am sorry you are experiencing issues with your router. As explained by the user @Biorn1950 in this thread, you should be able to reach your router's interface via this link http://internetbox.home

If that still doesn't work or for any other technical problem, you can ask for a call back here. 


Have a good start into the week.