Router password, Swisscom login, WLAN data: How to log on [UPDATED]

Router password, Swisscom login, WLAN data: How to log on [UPDATED]

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Article updated 23 March 2020

As a Swisscom customer, you have a lot of logins. What’s more, they are often different. To help you keep track, let us show you which user data corresponds to which login.


Customer Center login

In the My Swisscom Customer Center, you can conveniently view your Swisscom bills, manage products, update your details and much more besides. All you need is a Swisscom Login – e key to your Swisscom online world.

Go to our help section to find out how to create a Swisscom Login. You can change your user name and password at any time in the Customer Center. If you have forgotten your user name or password, click here.


Router password

To manage your Internet-Box settings, go to the web portal by entering or http://internetbox.home in your browser. Please note that you can only access the web portal when your home network is connected to your Internet-Box. The user name is “admin”. If you forget your router password, you can reset it in the My Swisscom Customer Center. Click on your Internet subscription > “WLAN & Router” > open the “Router” section at the very bottom. Reset your password under “Router password”. Change now.


E-mail access

To access your Bluewin webmail, you will need your Swisscom Login. If you want to send/receive your e-mails using an e-mail program (e.g. Outlook, Apple Mail) or on your smartphone/tablet, you will need to use the E-Mail-password. More details.


WLAN access data

You can find your WLAN access data in the My Swisscom Customer Center by clicking on your Internet subscription > “WLAN passwords” > “Show passwords”. Are you a corporate customer? If so, you will find relevant guidance for your business router portal here.


myCloud & Docsafe

myCloud is the safest place to store your precious moments. Access myCloud using your Swisscom Login. If you do not have a Swisscom login, you can create one here.


Docsafe is the secure location for your documents, passwords and notes. Access it simply using your smartphone, tablet or computer – all you need is your Swisscom Login.


Community login

You also need a Swisscom login to register for the Community. If you have not visited the Community for a while, it is worth reading the tips about forum conduct. We hope you enjoy joining in the discussions!


Can you think of any other logins that you use to access Swisscom services? We look forward to your comments.

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