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Internet-Box Release 8.5 – WLAN bandsteering, add-on module and more!

Internet-Box Release 8.5 – WLAN bandsteering, add-on module and more!

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The latest firmware release 8.5 for the Internet-Box 2 plus and Internet-Box 2 standard incorporates a sophisticated algorithm that automatically selects the best network, as well as the add-on module for faster Internet.


Devices used to prefer the slower network

Swisscom Internet-Boxes are equipped with dual-band WLAN which can connect to the standard 2.4 GHz band, as well as the fast 5 GHz WLAN. Because both networks broadcast the same WLAN name, up to now, the device (e.g. mobile phone or tablet) has been able to choose the network to connect to. Many devices prefer the 2.4 GHz network. This is even though 5 GHz WLAN makes surfing the Internet faster and more stable.
We are changing this thanks to the newly integrated WLAN band steering function. From now on, the Internet-Box will automatically select the fastest WLAN network. In future, you will no longer need to manually define different WLAN names for the two networks.


Better faster stronger

We are activating a new function (LESI) on the Internet-Box 2 to allow you to take advantage of faster download speeds over larger distances. 
Improvements have also been made to automatic channel selection, meaning that the optimum WLAN channel will always be selected in the background. The people who will benefit the most from this adjustment will be customers in densely populated areas where many WLAN networks overlap. add-on module for Internet-Box plus and Internet-Box standard 

If you have an Internet-Box standard or an Internet-Box plus, you will have recently started to enjoy faster Internet speeds (of up to 500 Mbit/s), without having to change your Internet-Box. In addition, you will receive a free add-on module.


Installation as follows:

  • Insert the module into the corresponding slot in your Internet-Box
  • Plug the DSL cable back into the module (into the purple socket on the module) 

Focus on stability improvements

Improving stability has been our top priority in further developing the Internet-Box. We undertake in-depth analyses of customer feedback and are constantly integrating significant improvements.

We look forward to hearing your comments on this.

An overview of all our new features can be found here: Release Notes

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