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Detect defective 5GHz WLAN at Internet Box 2

Detect defective 5GHz WLAN at Internet Box 2

In very rare cases, a technical defect can cause the 5GHz WLAN of Internet Box 2 to malfunction. We will show you how to detect a defective 5 GHz WLAN and what Swisscom does about it.


Nothing is perfect: With Internet Box 2, problems with the 5GHz WLAN are very rare. You can check whether you are affected by this in the router menu. You can access the router menu by entering the address in a browser. On the login page you then enter the router password, which you can view in the My Swisscom customer centre (note: the router password does not correspond to the Swisscom login password).


Activate the expert mode on the left and then open the "Diagnostics" area. Go to "WLAN" and select "Additional 5 GHz WLAN Debug Information" at the bottom. There you can independently check your Internet Box 2 for the following two 5GHz WLAN interferences.


Defective component
Your WLAN still works over the 2.4 GHZ band, but at 5GHz the connection is so weak that hardly any device can be connected over 5 GHZ. You can recognize this by the values between 0.1 and approx. 6 at transmit power. Provided that you have not manually reduced the WLAN transmission power using the slider. If all values are 0, this is only a display error, which you can correct by restarting the router. Swisscom is in the process of replacing these routers free of charge.




Defective chipset
Even rarer, but also possible: If the field WLAN chipset says "BAD", the chipset is defective. The good news: Swisscom knows the affected Internet boxes and will replace them proactively and free of charge in March.



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