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Activate static IP address when using network devices with server services

Activate static IP address when using network devices with server services

As standard, the Internet-Box automatically assigns every device an IP address which can be changed. The static IP address is manually assigned to a device and does not change the router's IP address. Setting up a static IP address is recommended for network devices with server services (e.g. IP camera, NAS server, etc.), so you can always reach the device in your home network over the statically defined IP address. Read on to find out how to set up a static IP address on the Internet-Box.


The Internet-Box offers personal expert settings for network and IP addresses. To make changes to these settings, enter “http://internetbox” or “” in your browser and log in with your Internet-Box “admin” password. Switch to expert mode and go to the “IP settings” tab under menu item “Network”. Under “Automatically assign static IP address”, you can assign a static IP address to a device using “Select device”.


Set-up on end devices

Static IP addresses can also be configured on the network device. However, Swisscom strongly recommends changing all static IP addresses centrally in the Internet-Box web portal as configuring network installations manually calls for expert know-how and planning. When selecting static IP addresses in the end device, avoid using addresses in the range (Internet-Box DHCP range).

Important: Please ensure that a static IP address is only used once. We also recommend set-up either only on the router or on the end device itself. Otherwise, you risk IP conflicts that prevent Internet access.


Other network settings

The other expert settings that can be defined on the Internet-Box are port forwardingDMZ functionDynDNS and IPv6.

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