Activate port forwarding to forward the Internet connection from the router to a specific device

Activate port forwarding to forward the Internet connection from the router to a specific device

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Port forwarding is the transfer of a connection from the Internet over the router to a specific device (NA server, IP camera etc.) in your network, thus making it accessible from the Internet. A router, connected to both the Internet and an internal network, waits for data packages at a specific port. When packages reach this port, they are forwarded to a specific device and possibly another port in the internal network. For security reasons, all incoming traffic is blocked by the Internet-Box as standard. Read on to find out how to activate this service and what you need to bear in mind.


The Internet-Box offers personal expert settings for network and IP addresses. To make changes to these settings, enter “http://internetbox” or “” in your browser and log in with your Internet-Box “admin” password. Switch to expert mode and go to the “Port forwarding” tab under menu item “Network”. Port forwarding can be configured automatically or manually.


Automatic configuration

Automatic configuration of port forwarding rules by devices in the home network is often used by modern games consoles or IP cameras. The advantage is that these devices automatically open all the necessary ports without you having to configure anything. To enable automatic configurations, the UPnP IGD function must be activated in the web portal under Network -> Settings-> Port forwarding.


Manual configuration

You can configure individual port forwarding in your Internet-Box web portal. As soon as you switch to expert mode, you will be offered configuration options in the “Port forwarding” menu. You can set up new port forwarding for each device using “Add rules”. A separate rule must be set up for every port or port range. To do so, add the appropriate information to the fields.


Other network settings

The other expert settings that can be defined on the Internet-Box are DMZ functionstatic IP addressesDynDNS and IPv6.

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