Access your router on the move with DynDNS using persistent credentials

Access your router on the move with DynDNS using persistent credentials

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Routers are normally assigned a new IP address on a regular basis. Using the dynamic DNS service, you can continue to access your router on the move using persistent credentials. Alongside various providers, Swisscom also offers the option to use a name for your Internet-Box instead of the IP address. Read on to find out how to activate this service and what you can do if you are already using a different DynDNS provider.


The Internet-Box offers personal expert settings for network and IP addresses. To make changes to these settings, enter “http://internetbox” or “” in your browser and log in with your Internet-Box “admin” password. Switch to expert mode and go to the “DynDNS” tab under menu item “Network”.


Use Swisscom DynDNS

and activate expert mode. In order to use a DNS name, the function must be activated in the web portal and an individual name defined. You can then use this name wherever you would have otherwise entered your Internet IP address. This mainly applies to remote access services - such as VPN.


I already have a different DynDNS provider

For selected providers, you can also use your own DynDNS configurations on the Internet-Box. Entering http://internetbox or in the Internet browser takes you to the Internet box web portal.  Now enter the credentials supplied by your provider. If you have any queries, contact your chosen DNS provider.


Other network settings

The other expert settings that can be defined on the Internet-Box are port forwardingstatic IP addressesDMZ function and IPv6.

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