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XGS-PON with custom ONT

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I'm looking into Swisscoms XGS-PON connection and I'm looking at the possibility to bypass the Internet-Box 3 completely. 


The reasoning behind this for me is that the Internet-Box has an output of 2.5gbit (measured at roughly 3gbit) max on the fastest local port. Swisscom advertises 10gbit and the only bottleneck between Swisscom and my home network is the Internet-Box (most to all other devices are 10gbit capable and I run OM3 internally).


According to the website:

Only routers and modules certified by Swisscom can be connected to the new 10 Gbit/s technology (XGS-PON). At the present time, Internet-Box 3 is the only router compatible with the supplied module.


However, from my understanding XGS-PON is essentially just a faster version of the GPON standard (essentially just dhcp+vlan), and with a XGS-PON (and sfp+) compatible ONT, the system could still work.


Swisscom ships XGS-PON with a Hisense LTF7225 SFP+ transceiver for the Internet Box 3. The module acts as an ONU from what I can tell, however simply connecting it to a compatible router did not work in a simple configuration (a Mikrotik CRS326 recognises the module, as opposed to say an Intel NIC, however bridging it to a router does not seem to work and I cannot get an IP address. The settings I've tried were the dhcp vendor client id 100008,0001 and vlan 10 settings specified by Swisscom for the fiber lines on this page: ). 


Has anyone else approached this topic or even gotten it to work? I would be appreciative of any Swisscom techs that could give their two cents regarding this as well.




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In the German part of the forum is an ongoing discussion about other routers (Huawei HN8255W & ZyXEL AX7501-B0) with 10 Gbit LAN interfaces and the setup process on XGS-PON. One user @user109 has a working setup and will post a guide soon.

Perhaps you could try to translate the entire thread and use the information to bring your setup up.

Imho @user109 is also very experienced with MikroTik products.

Best of luck & keep us posted on the status.


Greetings, Martin

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Swisscom is talking about 10 GB because you can simultaneously have 1x2.5GB, 4x1GB and more wifi devices. So you get 1GB on several devices that work at the same time and even 2.5GB on another.
You should know that the IB3 was released very recently ... The next version will most certainly have 4 10Gbit/s ports!


You have to be a little patient. To answer your question, you can almost use the router you want, it just needs to have an SFP + port to manage 10Gbit/s and the compatible fiber port. You can have a look at Cisco, they are at the cutting edge of technology in the field of telecoms, but the  router will cost you an arm and a leg ... For other manufacturers, I'm not sure if they make fiber routers with 10Gbit/ s Ethernet ports, but they will be expensive, but still less than Cisco.


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I am aware that the IB3 can theoretically output 2.5gbit + 4x1gbit + wifi, however that is a limitation with the IB3, not with Swisscoms fiber line. Swisscom sells a 10gbit symmetric fiber line and then sells you a bottleneck on top of that. 


I am aware that the IB3 wasn't released years back, however this is the very first time I've heard any claim that the next version (which doesn't even have a release estimate) will support anywhere near 10gbit. There's a thread in the german forum hinting at a possible 5gbit router, and Swisscoms tech support is naturally tight lipped about the topic, which is entirely understandable. 


This isn't about being patient and waiting for a new box. I'm a CS student who's interested in the topic and am eager to learn more. This is a summer project for me.


Regarding the router, I am currently running an old Google Search Appliance server with two 8-core Intel E5s. Performance is not the issue. The connection from the server to the switch internally is 40gbit qsfp+ and the swisscom module would be connected to a mikrotik crs326 (which recognises the module) in bridge since the sfp+ intel nic in the server does not recognise the module. 


My question pertains less to the hardware needed to router 10gbit or the current feature set of the IB3, nor a better replacement, it much more pertains to the effective connection from the fiber module via the sfp+ port to the dhcp/vlan settings the router needs in order to function properly.

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I can recommend ZyXEL AX7501-B0 for private purpose, but not (yet?) for Business (fixed IPs, PPPoE, ...).

Now delievered devices are most pre-configured.

If not... here the configuration-steps:


(Connect via WLAN/LAN, use DHCP then go via your preferred Browser to


Network Settings

  • Broadband
    • #1:
      • Mode: Routing
      • Encapsulation: IPoE
      • IPv4/IPv6 Mode: IPv4 Only
      • IP Address: Obtain an IP Address Automatically
      • DNS Server: Obtain DNS Info Automatically
      • DHCPC Options:
        • option 60
          Vendor ID: 100008,0001
      • VLAN (802.1q): 10
      • MTU: 1492 (maybe 1500 works too)
      • Routing Feature:
        • NAT: (Enabled)
        • IGMP Proxy: (Enabled)
        • Apply as Default Gateway (Enabled)

Then you should be able to register/activate your Connection:




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Apologies to hijack this thread, but regarding the ZyXEL: are you able to

 - utilize full 10GbE from behind the router? 

 - put the device into bridge mode? 

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thanks for the contribution


No matter what you do, you'll never use 10 Gbit/s on your PC

for the simple reason that no content provider has that bandwidth

unless you're downloading


10 Gbit/s is for multi-device use for families or small businesses


Tip: read manuals and product specifications

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I do have that bandwith and can utilize it on a daily basis. There are other content providers that can and will provide that kind of bandwith. It's not an edge case, and it has not been for a few years now.

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