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Wired router connection - Download speeds degraded from 40mbps to 10-15mbps...

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Hello, these past few weeks my internet speed has slowed down constantly. A few weeks ago It went from pretty much around 30-40mbps to 20mbps which I thought was pretty weird and now I am constantly hovering around 10-15mpbs.


It's becoming pretty and very noticeable since I am at 1/4 of my usual speed... I have a wired connection which has always worked perfectly! 


I have inOne with internet S which means I have a maximum download speed of 40mbps which I had these past months but now it just feels I am getting ripped off since I have the same internet speed as my past subscription.image.pngThe internet speed at 16:20, in the evening it gets slowerimage.pngThe radical shift in internet speeds