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Upload speed painfully slow: Internet box plus

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Swisscom Internet address checker tells me the maximum speed available at my Geneva (Thonex) address is a poor 15mbs. Pretty poor for a central city. Swisscom speed checker tells me I get at best 11mbs and at weekend this drops to 6.5mbs. 

This is after Swisscom tells me they upgraded the area in June.  

My kids now connect their devices via their 4G, and clearly this speed means I cannot contemplate using Swisscom TV. 

When can we expect these dream of speeds that apparently are available. 

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Hello @stemw 


Sorry you are not satisfied with your Internet speed.


You can sign up on the checker directly to be informed when an extension is planned at your address.


If you are experiencing slow performance, contact our free technical support at 0800 800 800.

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Sorry, I wasn't clear - this IS the new improved upgraded speed. We were 'upgraded' in June.

Pretty poor result, as this 'you will be upgraded' has been promised for many months. 

It is faster, but hardly noticably. From 8mbs max to 11 (according to your speed test)

I presume you have sold so many streaming services in the area, that now the 'pipe' has become blocked.

I don't really want to have to switch to a 4G service or a 4G hybrid service and the rather ugly internet booster. Is this the best solution? As I mention in my initial post....the fastest you can offer is 15mbps


Need some investment fast.

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Dear @stemw


If the results of the checker shows no extension planned, I suggest you to contact our specialists at the free number 0800 477 587. If an improvement is planned, they will be able to inform you.


Regarding to the Internet-Booster alternative, it is only available in combination with Vivo S or M or inOne Home S or M.

Un like fait toujours plaisir 😉 Une réponse t'a aidé? -> Accepte-la comme solution!
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