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Swisscom TV connect to Nighthawk X6 R8000

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i use a Nighthawk X6 R8000 for fast wirelass and would like to connect my swisscom router directely ot this and then my swisscom tv box to the LAN on the netgear router but the swissocom box will not work this way. So i have swisscom router to a switch which is conected to the swisscom box and to the netgerar router. Seems redundat to have this switch, is there any thing i can set on the netgear router ot allow the swisscom tv box to work?



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I have the same problem. Actually activating the VLAN/IPTV option seems to work for Swisscom TV, but then, nothing else really works anymore...

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Same problem here!!! Does anyone can help us? Would be nice, thank you!

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Similar problem here but with a different ASUS router.


I need to keep both the modem and the router wifi enabled because the TV device does not want to connect the my router. It can only connect to the modem's wifi.


This clearly pollutes the frequency a lot.. How can we connect the tv boxes to a router? 

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