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Swisscom Internet start up malfunction

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Hello everyone,

I signed up for Swisscom inOne home. Technical malfunction which has been acknowledged multiple times by the Swisscom hotline 0800 800 800 has not been rectified for days. Although having received sms confirmation that Internet would be ready to start, it still doesn't. Am a Swisscom customer for more than 30 years and this is the first time I experience such massive problems in combination with no support.  a Swisscomfriend tried to install the internet and TV. But didn't succeed. He had to call the Swisscom support too. Support couldn't help. 2nd level support couldn't help either. Now still left with no internet.

Anyone out there who can help? For successful support I will award you with CHF 99.- (the swisscomfriend fee). Am glad to take your call 079 672 20 61. best, Christian 

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hi christian


sorry don't understand. What's your issue?