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Swisscom Internet promises

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This isn't a question, it's a complaint as there is nowhere to post an email to Swisscom unless you want a chat or  SMS.

I recieved marketing material from Swisscom a few days ago from a guy called:

Björn Wiese
Head of Customer Interactions Marketing
Swisscom (Suisse) SA 

He promised me 500 Mbps and even openly stated my home address within the text of the email.

Contacting Swisscom I'm told it's just not possible but I can go up to 250 Mbps.

The only problem with 250 Mbps is there is no payment plan for that speed and therefore I can only have 200 Mbps.

I took out the plan for 200 Mbps over the phone with a Swisscom technician.

I recieved the additional router plug-in and installed it immediately.

I checked the line speed for a day and the maximum I was able to download was 120-125 Mbps.

I phoned Swisscom and was told by a representative that the maximum I could get was 120 Mbps.

He phoned back an hour later asking if I had actually installed  the router plug-in. I assured him I had.

Therefore my take-away?......I was promised 500, paid for 200 and recieved 120. Four different people all talking a different language and all promising hot air.

Maybe it's time for SALT....

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Roger G.
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We have two situations here:


1. depending the house or buildings you are living the linelenght from the entry point to your router may be very long. Swisscom has no information about this lenght as it is it in the ownership of the landlord. Therefore we take a median of 30m Swiss-wide and add it to the measured line lenght. Checking with your address the result is indeeed UP TO 500mbps DS.


2. you are a little bit too inpatient 🙂 In fact, after plugging in the Kits module we have to measure the line first and then we are able to adjust to the corresponding speed. This may take up to 48h after you plugged in the module.


There are never promises as we have to calculate the possible speed in advance and due to unknown inHouse informations. After new profiles have been activated the calculated speed should be available too. If not, then our customer care should analyse the line together with any possible information of the building and if necessary the line should be fixed.


Please let us know how it works out for you.

Roger G.
Swisscom (Schweiz) AG
Wireline Experience
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Hi Roger,


Could you please let me know what has to be done to have the customer care measure and analyse the line in my building in order to increase the speed at least to 50 Mbps. At the moment it is 33 Mbps download and 8 Mbps upload. 


Thank you very much and best regards,


Roger G.
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Dear Irvin


Unfortunately, this is the max Speed you can get at your place today. There was an issue with the landlord of the large buildings number 1 to 18  who refused to pay the inhouse build-up to fibre optics. The other building already have fibre-optics available.

We are migrating the profiles to the new technology so I'm positive the upstream will gain more speed as there is some capacity left. The downstream may not gain much if any as the distance to the non-vectorised central office is too long for more speed.


Sorry, but nobody can do anything here to improve the speed. Just wait and hope the landlord will understand that upgrading to fibre-optics will increase the value of the buildings.


Kind regards

Roger G.
Swisscom (Schweiz) AG
Wireline Experience
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