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Swisscom DynDNS - DMZ no more working

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a Swisscom Specialist called me this afternoon and confirmed that they have a wider problem with their Dyn DNS service, but do not know when it might be solved. today.. tomorrow...anytime?


Very poor imho, not even a workaround offered. In my case, there is a small company dependent to access and share data on a NAS in my network, and they can not access it (and I don't want them to connect via the direct IP number, as the traffic would not be encrypted / no valid certificates)


I can only imagine that there are many many more use cases like this affected since several days .. and they do NOT post it as a public visible outage 😞

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Contact with support : firmware problem on Internetbox 2. Deployment of a patch next nights. Otherwise Internetbox 3 probably not affected.

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I’ve found a workaround, at least for my use case - as follows:


- I have a dynamic IP adress and DNS name
- My users share files and webservices on a NAS behind that Internet Box via and
- There is a CNAME pointing to (manually configured at my web provider that maintains .. „A brief advertising for the super quality services of deserves some space here!" 😜
- And there is an SSL certificate on (hence, had I asked my users to connect to MY.IP.ADR.ESS:dataport, their connection wouldn’t be secure)


The problem (still persists) :
- can not be resolved anymore and is hence not reachable from anyone in the internet; ditto for


The workaround :
- remove the CNAME record of
- set a DNS A record for pointing directly to the dynamic MY.IP.ADR.ESS ; wait few minutes until it is broadcasted ; voila.


Why this is not a permanent solution, and we DO NEED the Dynamic DNS :
- because MY.IP.ADR.ESS my change occasionally


Shame on me that it took me two days to think about this simple workaround.
I hope that it helps somebody else too.
Cheers! off to the weekend now.

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If you don't manage thousand of computers, you can also set the static pointer in the "hosts" file.

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yes, this does work and i did the same. 
But its really only a temporary workaround. 

Luckily, Swisscom does not change IPs to often

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I have an Internet box 3 and this week the Dyn service was down every morning.

Fortunately I made a backup address at

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it is restarting to work from now.... hope it will last !

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does not work anymore...  


really suprized to see that Swisscom is now so bad in term of quality of service.
Pending issue for days now... and really impacting.

No communication...


they don't care !





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I found my Internet Box 2 this morning „all fine“ and DynDNS was restored as it was before. 

Despite i have an open ticket, and various support people committed to inform me via phone/email/sms ... until now (Friday evening) they have NOT informed me about the service restored. 

Very disapointing customer service indeed 😕

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@blu22 wrote:

Very disapointing customer service indeed 😕


I wrote three times and did not receive a reply once...😔

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OK. Swisscom decide to send me a brand new Internet box 3 without charge. Hope this is really a firmware problem and IB3 corrected before IB2...


What's your firmware version ?

Current firmware for Internet-Box 3 (September 2020)



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Mine IS a model 3. 

I have the same problems as you.

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For all IB2 customers there is an update on the application part of firmware 10.05.38 which should resolve the issue. You will find the link in the thread below:



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Hello @mabu1 , the patch is no more available to download because too much downloads... Have you got the file? or someone else?

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I don't have the file, but I posted in the german thread a request to share the file.

Keep looking for replies over there as well.

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Just copy the link on the web page of the router for manual download of the firmware and change it to the right version (if you know the name of the right version).



For our problem I copy/paste/correct the link for version 10.05.38 :




The install it manually on your router, as your own risk.


---> Try to find the correct address for the right file ?

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The service came back today by magic !


Nothing to do with the frimware (did not do anything to have it back)



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Yes, it's 100% NOT the firmware!

It is their service which is down!

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Yes, very likely it's not the firmware: my IB2 is already (since 5 days) at the version 10.05.38.

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for me, dyndns still down this morning, despite IB3.

Problem not solved


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