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Slow Speeds or is this Usual Performance?

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Hello!  I've been having issues when streaming content on the television through AppleTV, FireStick, etc.  To ensure bandwidth isn't being used by other devices we turned off PC, Laptop, Device with the exception of an iPhone to run a speed test.

I came up with 250 Mbps Download and 384 Mbps Upload Speeds on a 1GB / 1GB contract.


Is this what most people are seeing for such packages or am I have issues here... ?  Reboot, Unplug and Wait and Restart, Device connection reduction... Nothing seems to speed us up.


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So you have fiber right?


please use the home app for WiFi measurement and not speed test. 


Than repost your score

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Hello!  🙂  Thanks for the reply.  My iPhone Home app doesn't show a WiFi measurement (?) 

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Home app —> Internet tests

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Something similar on my side...

If I connect directly to the router the measurements improve, HOWEVER, whatever I download from normal sites is VERY slow..


I do not care much how fast it goes from home to Swisscom... The router shows amazing speeds... but in practice, anything I try to download from normal places is VERY VERY slow.. Even Microsoft or Linux updates download at less than 1Mbps.. 


I am really tempted to switch provider.

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