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Router's device list and assigned IP address (Raspberry PI)

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For a project I am using and configuring some Raspberry Pis (many of them).
It used to work like a breeze until I figured out that the Swisscom router, every time I connect a new device via WLAN, "thinks" it is another devict (previously connected) thus assigning the same IP based on the MAC address.


This makes the connection to the Raspberry PI impossible via SSH with the very annoying "Connection refused".

To make it clear, in the past I used to "fix" their ip adresses in the router's configuration and assign them a "device name".


I went through the whole router configuration and I was unable to find a was to "rest" the previous "device list" (Yes I did reboot the router way too many times to count).

So my question is: Is there a way to delete or reset the device list or previously assigned ip adresses?

My next try will be with a hammer 🙂