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No Internet connection

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I stile have no internet conection over the SwissCom internet T-box when pluged in I see the T-box showing no internet and T-box shows a blinking red light


T-box S/N 3.2G182F0839239

Mac/id 13B044FAB440


I enclose the activation code as attachment Swisscom which I activated over my Huawei WiFi


Non ho connessione a Internet tramite la T-box Internet di SwissCom quando è collegata Vedo la T-box che non mostra Internet e la T-box mostra una luce rossa lampeggiante

Scatola a T S / N 3.2G182F0839239
Mac / ID 13B044FAB440

Allego il codice di attivazione Swisscom che ho attivato tramite il mio WiFi Huawei


Terence H.

6850 Mendrisio

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Black Mamba
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please delete personal data by editing the message

the forum being public they could be used for frandulous purposes


please specify which TV-Box model is installed

Swisscom Box IP2000

TV-Box UHD IP1400

TV-Box HD IP1200


in all cases you must first test a reboot / reset

of the various devices installed

to resolve the problem


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Hello @Greprinnio70


If you checked all the cables and tried to restart your Internet-Box, I kindly invite you to contact our technical support via our different channels.


You even have the possibility to ask for an immediate callback


For security reason, I kindly invite you to correct your post and delete your personal details as this is a public forum.


Have a good day

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