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New Address - Internet

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Hi there,


We have been moving to a new apartment (in the city and a new built building). We are currently having mostly from the afternoon some micro-lags on our internet. We see them while watching Twitch or while playing some online games. The micro-lags shouldn't appear while we are having an abonnement L and the new Swisscom Internet 3 router.


On our old address we had the same abonnement, the same hardware and the same way to connect the hardware (PC) but we haven't had those lags.


Do you have any idea from what it might happen?


Kind regards

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Black Mamba
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please specify the different devices used, the software versions installed and the connection mode between the devices


these instabilities or disturbances could come from the quality of the network in the new building or from the situation of this one, it is also necessary to take into account the current significant load of the network in general due to the peak hours of teleworking


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Check the product avalability

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