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Laptop not picking up WiFi at home

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My laptop is not reading the WiFi signal from my SWISSCOM WLAN (internet box 3).  The strange thing is that my wife's laptop can pick up the signal as well as our cell phones.


Any ideas?


Thank you

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Maybe there could be an issue with the WLAN-Versions (e. G. A, N, C etc.) you are using for your Network.


Try to check this and maybe try it with the Guest WLAN Function from your Box... 


Have you some special Settings for DNS or DHCP?




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please disable the Wifi 6 (11ax) in the WiFi settings of the internetbox 3.

If the Wifi is visible now, you have to update the drivers of the computers WiFI network card.


I had the same issue on my laptop and after updating the drivers, the WiFIi Network is also visible with activated WiFi 6 at the Internetbox 3

keep on rockin'
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