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Is this honest?

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We purchased Swisscom 100 Gb Internet more than two years ago and never received even 800 Mb speeds. Swisscom sent several employees to look at the situation. This August one Swisscom employee came and looked at the situation and said he would upgrade the router. Instead this Swisscom employee exchanged my newer router for an older less advanced model (my plus for a standard). We did not know at the time that he had put in a older model, but our Internet worked even worse afterwards. We again called Swisscom and their employee said that only an upgrade to a new model would help, but that it would cost 99 CHF. I agreed, but when I received the new router, which worked better, I also realized that rather than upgrade, they had downgraded my router during the previous service visit. Moreover, Swisscom charged me for the service vist and for cables which they did not even supply. First, in my view customers should not have to pay extra to the service they have contracted. And second, is it honest for Swisscom to tell me they are upgrading a customer's equipment when they are really downgrading it? When I complained to Swisscom they defended their actions, merely saying they were acting honestly. We disagree. What do you think?