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Internet speed degrading

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i've been watching my vsdl sync speed decaying each week, can you fix it....

already tried unplugin the lines and router reeboot....


speed on contract is 100/20 and some time ago i dia have the 100+/-


here are some screens








some time ago in the customer center there was a notice saying that fibre was to be installed in the 2nd trimester but till nothing apeared in the building till now, Bassecourt, Jura Region, any news


thanks a lot...



Moises Teixeira

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Community Manager
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Hello @moiro


The general values of your various speed tests seem ok as the maximum speed at your address is 70 Mbit/s.


Regarding the installation of the fiber in your building, I have nothing in my system. For further information about the network extension, I suggest you to contact our specialists at the free number 0800 477 587.

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