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How to get SwissCom to fix my internet (3 full days out, starting #4... no end in sight)

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On Tues. at about 12:00 my internet (including TV) stopped working. I did the usual turn the router on/off. Checked the SwissCom app (which is entirely unhelpful) and then kind of waited a bit to see if it would come back on.


At one point, I was walking by the front window and I saw the fiber optic repair guys turning around in the driveway across the street. They saw me, rolled down their window and asked if my internet was out. I said yes. They replied that there was a SwissCom repairman down the street and they assumed that he was coming to our house next. Nope.


So, I called SwissCom. They knew nothing of the outage and the earliest appt. they could get was yesterday (Wednesday). The guy showed up, looked downstairs and outside at our house and decided that the problem was down the street at the main box. He went down there and was gone awhile. When he returned, he said that he couldn't open the box. Then, he wrote everything in some sort of app. and left.


I assumed that by putting the info. in that app my problem would then be quickly followed up by someone to open the box and fix the system. Also nope. By the middle of the afternoon, no call, no new technician I called back SwissCom. They, again, had no idea what was going on. So, they said someone would call me. Never happened..... again.


By 9:30 this morning (Thursday), I still had heard nothing. So, I called SwissCom again. I told them the story and the customer service person put me on hold for maybe 10 minutes. She then told me that if their technicians can't open the street boxes, they call in some firm to do it and they have no idea how long it will be till they arrive. Once that firm gets the box open, they then call SwissCom to schedule a technician for the original job. I asked what that means in terms of time.... She responded with.... it could be tomorrow, it could be next week sometime. They apparently have no scope of reference to this outside firm.


So, since SwissCom doesn't really have anyone to talk to via email, I'm now here. We, obviously, can't use what we're paying for and they're not in a big hurry either. I could, easily, use my battery powered drill and have that box open in a few minutes. I suppose they wouldn't like that though.


The question is.... why isn't there ownership/follow up and why do I have to be the one continually asking them to fix the thing I'm paying for? Yes, I'm very frustrated, bordering on pissed off. Thanks....



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My internet has been out a week. The technician that came out figured out that the problem is in the box down the street but couldn't get in the box. Unfortunately, that didn't automatically trigger someone to follow up and open the box than fix it. I've now called every business day that it's been out and each Customer Service person I've spoken to said... "You mean it's not fixed, a technician has been there already." I then have to explain the whole saga and they add another note to the file saying that it's not fixed.


At this point, I'm 100% certain that it won't get fixed until I find someone who will actually decide to get it fixed.


My current thought is to go into one of the shops and threaten to quit SwissCom unless they fix it or get them to give me a free week for every day it's out.... something. Ugh! My level of frustration at this point is off the chart.

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a threat doesn't do much good. Swisscom will let them go, because otherwise it wouldn't make much sense.
Since the box is not in the house, contact the municipality or, depending on your situation, the property management. They will arrange for the repair of the box.


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Oh, DomiP.... we're in our own house and the connector box is 300 meters down the road. Thanks for your answer.


I went into a SwissCom shop on Monday morning, when they opened. One of the guys there made multiple phone calls and even he was frustrated after 30 minutes of getting the run-around.


He recommended that I contact Cablex because, for some unknown reason, it's been given over to Cablex to deal with. Cablex says that it's still in the hands of SwissCom and that they're waiting for SwissCom Construction (it's opening a connector box in a suburb, not major construction..... geez)!


Oh, the guy at the SwissCom box gave me a 'Mobile-Connector' (aka mobile router) which was a nice gesture but as we expected, doesn't really work in our house.


At this point, it's been 1.5 weeks.... I'm so incredibly angry and frustrated. I feel as though SwissCom has given us the double middle finger for absolutely no fault of ours. I've asked for any sort of time line and have essentially gotten the answer "It will get done when it gets done."


To be honest, I'm not even sure how it's legal for a 'utility/service' to treat it's customers like this.


I used to be a big SwissCom fan.... right now, there's zero percent chance I'd recommend them to mow my lawn, let alone for services.



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