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Connect with FTP

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I need to transfer data to the hard disk i have connected to my router. I tried with a ftp connection but the username is refused. I tried with the username of the custom center and of the internetbox but they both are rejected. 


I can access to the hard disk with the windows file explorer ( \\internetbox-nas ) but i need to do it in command line in order to be able to send data from a security camera directly to the hard disk.


How can i establish a ftp connection with my router ? 

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FTP doesn't work, it's only SMB:

Please visit this URL here:

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Are you sure ? the technical assisstance told me that the firmware is blocking SNMP connection. But it is possible that they are wrong.


my router : internetbox 2

made : Askey

model: RTV1905VW


(i think this sheet would be more relevent than yours 😜   : )



Do you think i can transfert media via AFP protocole ? It is not written in the technical sheet that the router accept it but in the router setting ( there is an AFP option. I dont know if the firmware accept if i do it manually. 

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