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Centro Grande 2 stops assigning IPv6 addresses after a few days

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I am new to the discussion board.

In the office with the upgrade from analog phone line to digital, we received a new Centro Grande 2.


It works fine, except after a few days it stops assigning IPv6 addresses to the computers.

This is a problem because the firewall integrated in the router doesn't support loopback forwarding.

IPv6 makes possible to use a dynamic dns name also from inside the office.


Is this a common problem? Do somebody know how to solve it?

As a workaround, is it possible to reboot the router using an automatic procedure? (Does it accept telnet, ssh or any other aut


Thank you for your help.

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The next step is to check whether there are updates available on your Centro Business:

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Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately the router was already delivered with the latest firmware version. (8.06.08)
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Thank you for your feedback. According to our research, we have currently problems with IPv6 on Centro Business 2.0. It is possible that the router does not assign an IPv6 address. Our technicians are working to solve the problem. We regret the inconvenience.