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Setting up the Internet-Box in a household with a network wiring cupboard

Setting up the Internet-Box in a household with a network wiring cupboard

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The Internet-Box 2 and Internet-Box standard are usually set up outside the wiring cupboard. However, if you do not require home wiring, you can easily run the DSL signal from the wiring cupboard to the Internet-Box.


If you do not want to use the structured home wiring, connect the Internet-Box directly to the DSL line. Replug the cable in the wiring cupboard so that the DSL connection signal leads only to the multimedia socket in the room where the Internet-Box is located.


To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Connect the DSL cable supplied with the Internet-Box to the "Internet" port and the closest network socket (LAN1 in the “Living room” example).
  2. Connect the relevant port in the wiring cupboard (LAN1 in the “Wiring cupboard” example) to the DSL input jack (U interface) using an Ethernet/patch cable.

The Internet-Box is now connected to the DSL line.

 Bild-Beispiel Heimverkabelung_EN.jpg

If you wish to the use the network sockets in all rooms, you will have to do the network wiring yourself. You will need to use the "Network wiring cupboard connection kit", available from the Swisscom Shop to do it.


More tips on the Internet-Box and wiring cupboard are available via this link. Other users in the Support Community can also help solve problems and answer questions.

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