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Preventing your e-mails from being treated as spam Options

Preventing your e-mails from being treated as spam Options

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Do your e-mails keep ending up in the recipient’s spam folder by mistake? Perhaps they aren’t even sent at all. This can happen if e-mails are suspected of being spam and are therefore not sent. Read on to find out how to prevent this.


To ensure that your e-mails are resent successfully, try the following:


Delete elements from the e-mail

  • Hyperlinks: if your e-mail contains a link to a website, delete it and resend the e-mail.
  • Embedded images: e-mailed images are often classified as spam. You therefore need to delete the embedded images from the e-mail and resend it.
  • Attachments: send your e-mails without attachments. Instead, send files to recipients using cloud services such as Dropbox.

Modify your signature 

If your signature includes images or links, they may prevent any e-mails with this signature from being sent. Delete this content from the signature and resend the e-mail.


Create a new e-mail message 

When you use the “Reply” or “Forward” functions, the previous e-mail communication is included in the e-mail. This increases the chances of the e-mail containing spam-type elements. Therefore, create a new e-mail and resend it.

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