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Install wordpress

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I want to install a wordpress theme for my website. 

Can you help?




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You probably should go to the 'Themes' - Section in your WP Admin-Panel. Then you can select one or Upload one Using FTP inside the WP Admin-Panel.


See here:

Gruess, Cordial salids, Cordialement, Cordiali Saluti, Cheers!

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Thank you Domi, but I meant how can I upload Wordpress to my Webhosting on Swisscom?

Can you help with that?


Black Mamba
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thanks for contribution and feedback


to complete the response / solution @DomiP 


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@Geuldeulleuff78 exactly as @Black Mamba already said:


  1. Download Wordpress from the offcial Website:
  2. Upload the zip-Archive to your Webspaces "root"
  3. Unzip the Archive then
  4. Visit your URL and install the Wordpress-Installation accordingly.
Gruess, Cordial salids, Cordialement, Cordiali Saluti, Cheers!

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