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WLAN Guest Network

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I have enabled the Guest Network feature on my Internet-2 Box. I also have a WLAN Box (extender). The main WLAN network performs correctly from (in range of) either box. But the Guest network only works via the Internet-2 box.

When only in range of the extension box it says it has a self assigned IP address and no Internet access. Would be nice if the Guest network worked everywhere the main network worked. Is this a feature, a bug or a config error. 

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In case someone else arrives here. It turns out, from Swisscom technical support, that the Guest WiFi network simply does not work on the WLAN box. WLAN box is only 5Gz and Guest Network is only 2.4Gz !!!

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Shockingly this is true - Swisscom Repeater/WLAN extender only does half the job so no extension of Guest WLAN possible.  This fact should be made clear when it is sold. 


Proposed solution from Swisscom technical support buy another repeater.

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@Robert Watts @Gioplaudeutt82 


Hm... in my setup the WLAN Box mirrors all SSID of 2.4 & 5 GHz Networks and even correctly offers Guest Networks SSID.

If I connect the WLAN Box directly to Internet Box via cable (Cat 6. RJ45).

But, if I employ another Switch (Managed Netgear) in-between I have to configure the Switch correctly to carry-on the VLAN for Guest Networks.


You must have done something wrong or use not configured hardware in-between.


Thx Swisscom for this great product. I love WLAN Box.






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Ah, interesting information. I do indeed have a Xytel switch in between the Internet box and the WLAN box. I will look into it when I have some time.


But it still does not excuse the fact that Swisscom tech support did not know that a switch between the two boxes could cause such a problem. I would have thought that would be relatively common configuration.


But thanks for the lead.


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That is the reason why Swisscom sells recommended Switches by Netgear, which are preconfigured for this kind of setup. Or why they offer config files with the necessary settings to be downloaded and installed onto such Netgear Switches. If you want to use your own equipment you would have to configure the details yourself and honesty VLAN settings are not a very common support case. But yes, a very ver well educated support line can know about this technical depth and problems arising with other hardware than the official recommended or sold one.

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Thanks for the info. However, I needed a switch with front panel patching and the Swisscom switches did not provide that, hence Zyxtel.


On well.


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