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MyCould Synch

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I have a Mycloud account where I have several directories, files and photos.  The directory is synched with a Mac which is the pc used every day.  I have also a PC which is used less frequently and it is also synched with the Mycloud account.  


Recently I spent several hours to eliminate doubles of pictures which where saved in the MAC.  These changes (deletions) where synched with the Mycloud.


Now I am working with the PC and I am afraid that the deleted  pictures in the MAC but still present in the PC are added to the cloud.




Do you know how the synching procedures work?  When I am synching the PC is the cloud which prevails? ie the double of the pictures in the PC will be deleted ?


Thanks for the help



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Hey there,


i do not really know how the MyCloud-Software works. The Problem is that Swisscom keeps its Code and Technologies closed and does not open it for Developers and others. Therefore I am not able to answer this Question - maybe @cymett knows?


I think it takes a while to sync the whole directories and load the differences between the Device and the Cloud. There were also issues when the Files were Deleted in The Cloud and also on one PC the Files still exists on the other PC and will be Synced again with the Cloud and other Devices.

Gruess, Cordial salids, Cordialement, Cordiali Saluti, Cheers!

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