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Internet Box 3 is dropping the WLAN connection for OS X (Mac)

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I have several computes and tablets and the home network consists out of Internet Box 3 and 2 x WLAN-Box 2. While the window PC's and tablets are working without any problem, I have repeatable problems with my Mac computers. 


While working (or being idle) the Mac is dropping the connection (WLAN) several times per day and the only way to solve it is to re-start the machine. To do some RCA, is did a full new install on my MacBook (Big Sur) and no applications added. Still the same problem exists. 


Divide the 2.4 and 5 GHz channel (they had both the same SSID) did also not help.


I do have also the Internet Booster connected, this connection is also dropped (about once per day) and only "power cycle" (switch off and on) both the Booster and the Internet Box is resolving this issue.


Is this a known issue? Are there other things I can/should check (I already switch off IP6)?


Any help is very welcome.


Thanks, Victor

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Black Mamba
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thanks for the contribution


The problem sometimes exists with new versions or beta versions MacOS / Apple

by example  MacOS Big Sur 11.2.3 -> 11.3

MacOS Big Sur 11.2.3 and 11.3 - Swisscom Community


they have more recent technological rights, which are not 100% compatible with all functionalities

be patient until the updates which should not delay

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What kind of mac do you have?
I don't have this kind of issue on my MBP Air M1 (Wifi 6 capable)

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I have an iMac with Intel processor and a Macbook (also Intel). 


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I have this problem regularly and it does not appear to be Mac related as PCs, iPhones, iPads, Android all suffer. I also have two WLAN2 boxes connected. I have a clear Wifi 6 and 5 GHz and 2.4GHz signal, but there is no internet throughput. Just today my Synology NAS sent me a notification that it lost connection to the internet along with all other devices. I am now logging these incidents as it happens enough to be annoying and restarting the IB3 is the quickest solution. What was different about this morning's incedent was no throughput for all devices except my company laptop. It maintained its VPN connection throughout whilst every other device was off air. All my problems have occurred since switching to IB3 and especially to the 10 Mbp fibre service. So, no solution, just commiseration as I have the same problem.

Black Mamba
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thanks for the contribution


faults were announced on the Swisscom internet

they mainly concern the Zurich region, but it is possible that other areas have been affected

follow the troubleshooting on this page

Perturbations & défauts – Clients privés: contact par hotline, chat, message | Swisscom

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Thx @Black Mamba 


I also was affected but should be running fine again now.

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