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I've requested the Ethernet Plus installation option to add two Ethernet sockets in an additional room.


We currently have what appears to be wi-fi issues that cause the connection strength on our Computer to drop which causes 'lag' on the internet connection. The issue also seems to affect the WLAN connection kit (used for a second TV in the same location as the PC) which frequently needs to be rebooted to establish a new connection. Whenever I've run the Connection test from the PC it says there's no issues from the Router - so I'm assuming it's purely wi-fi related and the Router is too far away - which can't really be moved from its current location.


I'm hoping that if the requested installation will resolve both of these issues by connecting the second TV and Computer directly to the Router via the new sockets.


Can anyone confirm if this installation will resolve the problem?

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You can also try to use an app like wifi analyzer on your mobile to test the signal strength of your WiFi at the location of your PC/TV-Box in this remote room. Keep in mind that some built-in WiFi on computers might show worse (or better) reception due to antenna setup and location than your mobile. But it provides an indication.


Recommendation #1: A cable is ALWAYS better than any WiFi/WLAN. Even cheap cables deliver Gigabit-speeds end-to-end while WiFi is not only a shared media but also prone to interferences, massive freqency overload and other issues so WiFi can never deliver nearly the stability an throughput as a dedicated cable can. So in general it's recommended to connect everything by cable if possible. Only for mobile devices this for sure does not make any sense. However in most cases it's easy to put a cheap Cat 5e+ cable to connect your TV box, TV, Blu-Ray Player, PC, Docking-Station etc. Only keep in mind that you should use Swisscom-TV capable switches (ie. IGMP-snooping capable) if you're hooking up a Swisscom TV box to it (e.g. use the recommended Netgear GS10xE swithes).


Recommendation #2: Do NOT use any WLAN repeaters or bridges etc. They will lower bandwith and cause issues very often. Always make sure to build a cable-backbone for your network. You might put another WLAN access-point in the room where your PC and TV box is in order to increase coverage. Caution: Make sure not to hook up your Swisscom-TV box to a switch built-in to a WiFi AP/Router in this room as it might cause Multicast packages to flood your WiFi and therefore your WiFi will appear unresponsive as soon as you turn on the TV box. Instead either run a dedicated cable from your TV box to your Swisscom router or put an IGMP-capable Switch in between (see previous recommedation). This way you would only have to install one cable to this room. However if you can it  might be the cheapest and easiest solution to put two cables and hook up both devices via dedicated cable to the Swisscom TV box.


Enjoy maximum speed and stability with cabled connections.

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